Which is Australia’s most loved food?

Australia is often ranked among the most multicultural countries on the planet. This can be seen in the diverse food scene in major cities. We love Mediterranean food, curries, and Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. What kind of food is considered Australian? What is considered traditional Australian food?

While foreigners may say Vegemite or grilled kangaroos, there must be other non-cliche Australian foods. We’ll be looking at some of the most popular Aussie foods, such as those you will find at your local pubs and bakeries.

Which is Australia’s most loved food?

It all depends on your audience. As we said, people from other countries might be more familiar with Vegemite or kangaroos, while Aussies may have something completely different in their minds. Continental conducted a nationwide survey to determine which dish was the “Australian National Dish”. The number one choice was roast lamb.

What were the other finalists for the title of “National Dish of Australia?” Barbecue prawns, meat pies, and steak and vegetables.

These are the top 10 Australian food products.

Witchetty grubs

This one isn’t typical Aussie food. You won’t find it in any regular pub, but it’s been around for centuries! The witchery grubs, white moth larvae, taste like chicken and pack as much protein (NomadsWorld) as a whole steak. That should be enough to make them eligible for the national food award in Australia.

Fish n Chips

A list of traditional British dishes is not complete without Aussie cuisine.

Fish’ n chips, often eaten as snacks in Australia, are as popular as street food in the UK. Why? CNN says that Australia boasts some of the finest seafood in the world. This means you can almost guarantee fresh fish.

Fish’ n chips are often served with lemon juice and salt and wrapped in newspaper.


The meringue-based cake is served with whipped cream and fruit topping. It’s a delicious, creamy dessert you won’t want to miss. It’s so beloved that another AussieKiwi rivalry has been started. Both Australia and New Zealand claim that they invented this tasty invention in honor of Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballerina.

Meat pies

These ubiquitous pies are often favored as post-drinking binge-meals. Although fillings can vary, most pies have ground meat, gravy and mushrooms inside. This makes them hearty and delicious for any occasion.


Although this fish isn’t unique to Australia, it is used in Bengali and Thai cuisine. Barramundi, an Aboriginal word that means “large-scale river fish”, is what Barramundi is. It is also quite common in Australian restaurants where it is often pan-seared or grilled. Pair it with salads or roasted vegetables.


For dessert lovers, lamingtons are more popular than meat pies and roast lamb to be Australia’s national food. This sponge cake can be made in many ways but is usually coated with chocolate sauce and coconut shavings. They can be made into a sandwich with two cakes and raspberry jam or cream. This dessert pairs well with tea or coffee.

Barbecued snags

Throwing another shrimp on the barbeque is an Aussie cliché. Barbecuing is a passion of ours! Apart from steaks and prawns, we also love to grill snags (or sausages). They are delicious, easy to make, and juicy. They are perfect for a relaxed weekend.

Beetroot burger

Australians love beetroots so much that they use them in every burger! This brightly colored vegetable offers many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased stamina, and improved liver function. These are just a few of the many reasons you should continue to eat it.


Who doesn’t like avocado on toast for breakfast? This pairing is so popular that it’s worth naming Australia’s national breakfast food. Some people like eggs, spinach, rocket, or even cheese and tomatoes.

Chicken Parmigiana

Strangely, so much of the iconic Aussie food is Italian. Yes, kind of. That’s the way it is. Chicken parma is a popular Australian dish. This is described as “Chicken Schnitzel topped in an Italian-inspired tomato Sauce and melted Cheese“. It’s available at almost every bar in the country.

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