How to Open a Food Cart Business

A food cart is a great way to get into the food business. The business is low-risk and requires little investment. The food cart industry has seen a boom in recent years. Street food enthusiasts have been coming far and wide to enjoy the delicious food. It is an affordable way to start a retail business without spending much money on the establishment.

Conduct a Comprehensive Research

Before starting your food cart business, it is important to do thorough research.

  • Market and Product Research
  • What demographic are they?
  • The address where the business will be established.
  • These are the licenses and certificates required to operate a food cart business.
  • The seller from whom the cart will come.
  • Examine your existing competition.
  • How can you ensure hygiene in your Food Cart Business?

If you are considering opening a food truck, it is worth considering restaurant management software. You can streamline your operations and scale up your business by setting aside a budget for the excellent restaurant POS.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open A Food Cart Business


The first thing to think about when starting a food cart company is the product that you are selling. The equipment you purchase will depend on the product you choose. Food carts are a type of quick-service restaurant. Therefore, you should choose items that can be made quickly and easily. A food cart can sell sandwiches, momos, and noodles. There is a lot of competition in the food cart industry. You need to be unique and stand out from other vendors. You could have an innovative product or a variation on an existing product. However, it must be affordable.

Deciding the Place

The location is an important consideration when setting your price. Know your competition and target audience before you finalize the location. It is best to have less competition in your locality. Food carts are more profitable and have greater prospects in nearby stations, offices, supermarkets and train stations. You should assess the safety and accessibility of the area where you plan to set up your food cart. Before you go ahead, spend some time looking around the area on weekends and weekdays.

It also assesses the accessibility and security of the area. Before you pursue your plan, spending several hours at the location is a good idea. You should choose a location that is suitable for your product and income. Setting up your business in a great location is crucial for your success. It would help if you did market research to determine which areas are best.

Registration and Licensing

Food cart businesses cannot be run by just standing on the street. The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India), began the registration of Street Vendors across India in 2015 under the Municipal Corporations.

Ask the municipality where you plan to establish your food cart business to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. The government has established specific vending zones where registered street vendors can be allocated space.

Cart and Equipment

It is easy to start a food cart in India without much investment. The type of cart you choose will determine the cost of your food cart. A decent-quality aluminum cart can be purchased for as low as Rs 40,000. They can be customized to meet your specific needs. They are easy to maintain. A commercial cylinder will be required for your business. It will cost around 2000, and you will have to pay Rs each month. 1000. The equipment you require will depend on the product you choose.

Menu Pricing

Before you decide on the price of your product, it is important to study your competitors and their target market. You can’t raise the price if you aren’t the only vendor selling pizza or other food in your area. This will result in lower profits for you and your customers, who will go to a competitor selling cheaper products. In upscale malls, you should set a higher price and in public markets, lower.

Human Resources

A food cart is a small business that sells food. You don’t need many employees. Two people can run a food cart during rush hour. You can also employ one person to prepare and sell food during slow hours. You will need two people to prepare semi-finished food items, as 90% of the preparation is done before you start.


Food carts make up the majority of high-profit food businesses. The net profits are dependent on how much you sell, but the average profit margin is 50%. While food and other infrastructure costs are low, profit margins can be impacted by the low selling price of high-quality products and increased competition.

Before starting a food cart business, it is advisable to have at least six months of operating capital. Your food cart business might fail, even if you do everything right. The cost of starting a street food company is much lower than that of a full-time restaurant. You will need to invest around Rs 1 lakh to start a food cart. This can vary depending on what type of food you are looking to serve.

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