How to Start a Quick Service Restaurant

A Quick Service Restaurant, also known as a Fast-food Restaurant, is a type of restaurant that offers fast food options like pizza and burgers. It requires very little table service. Major fast-food chains in India include KFC, Dominos, Starbucks & Pizza Hut. This is the most profitable restaurant format and has become the most preferred choice for restaurateurs. Because of the high return on investment, the QSR or take-out restaurant format is the most practical. It is possible to charge casual dining prices but not incur the same cost as the space, furniture, and pottery. To make the venture viable, you will still need to order 100 to 150 orders.

Steps To Open A Quick Service Restaurant In India

These steps will allow you to open a fast-food restaurant in India.

  • Select the right location for the quick-service restaurant
  • All the necessary licenses are required to legalize your QSR
  • Take the necessary number of staff with you
  • Arrange for the necessary kitchen equipment and raw materials
  • Your QSR should be well-marketed
  • You can smoothen your operation by installing a POS system or billing software
  • Choose the uniform for your staff
  • All other miscellaneous work can be done

If you’re planning to embark on this dream project, you might be interested in the steps and details of opening a restaurant in India. Don’t you worry! We’ll dive deeper to give you all the necessary information to make your execution look effortless.

How to Choose the Location of The Quick Service Restaurant

A restaurant’s success or failure will depend on its location. A take-out restaurant should be located in densely populated areas, with the target market in mind. Customers will also be attracted to the restaurant if they are easily accessible and visible in the vicinity. For QSRs or Take-Aways, ground floor shops are preferable.

Licenses required to open a quick-service restaurant

Five licenses are required for a QSR or take-out restaurant: Food License from FSSAI; GST registration; Local Municipal Corporation Health License; Police Eating House License; and Fire License. The essential licenses for opening a restaurant are a food license, GST registration and local municipal corporation health life. You can get a fire license or similar once you open a restaurant. However, it is advisable to have all permits in place before opening the outlet to avoid any legalities or small problems that may arise from the non-availability of these licenses.

Required Staff to Run A Quick Service Restaurant

A great team behind the counter and in the kitchen is the key to success at a quick-service restaurant. Your Chef is the most important member of your team. They not only create the menu but also guide and lead the other kitchen staff. The restaurant industry is a high-stress business, particularly for junior staff. Here are some tips to help you hire the right staff for your restaurant.

You will need kitchen equipment and raw material for a QSR.

Restaurants spend a lot on kitchen equipment. A four-square foot table that can be used as a working table is usually around Rs 6 to 7k. It is not necessary to buy new kitchen equipment. Most of the equipment can be purchased and used. This would save you around Rs 1 lakh. Although working tables, fridges, storage racks, and cupboards may be reused, gas pipelines, Tandoors, burners, and Tandoors must be brand new to avoid potential gas leakages and additional costs. Apart from the kitchen mentioned above, equipment, mixers, fry-pans and cutting boards should all be new.

Marketing of the Quick Service Restaurant

Pamphlets are a tried-and-true method of marketing that is also the most affordable. Logo designing and menu design are also important. These should not exceed Rs 2000. You can market your restaurant with 30k pamphlets for the first two months. You can get 30k pamphlets in the good quality paper for Rs 25,000. You can alter the quantity and quality of pamphlets to suit your budget. Learn how flyers and pamphlets can increase your restaurant’s sales.

QSR requires POS and billing software

The most important and integral component of any restaurant’s success and management is its POS. A niche POS should be tailored to the needs of Quick Service Restaurants. This guide will help you choose the right POS for your restaurant.

QSR Employees: Uniform for Staff

It is often overlooked that uniforms for staff are an important aspect of any restaurant venture. Everyone on the staff must be clean, neat and well-dressed. There are many options for dresses, including chef coats, smart shirts, t-shirts and aprons. It’s a good idea to purchase a basic uniform at the beginning of your business. This will help you save money. Good t-shirts will run around Rs 150 per unit, and bulk orders would only cost Rs 120 per shirt. You can budget between Rs 6000 and 7000 to buy uniforms for your staff, which will give your restaurant a professional look.

Counter Design of the QSR

With the help of a carpenter, it would be best to source the raw materials and create your counter according to your needs. To give the brand a cohesive feel, ensure you have a great standee and a menu board at your front-end. Based on the design of your counter, the cost for the counter and front-end is approximately Rs 20-25k. This article will show you how branding can be done for your restaurant.

You will also need to open a fast-food restaurant.

Takeaway and Home Delivery outlets require at least one mobile phone and a landline. Cloud Telephony subscriptions allow you to forward the call to another number if the first is busy. For training purposes, you can also record the call. It would help if you did not spend more than 10k. Additionally, you will need to spend approximately Rs 8000 on a plumber and electricity fitting. You will also need a calculator, fire extinguisher, daily accounts books, attendance register, and a Fire-extinguisher. You could also use your restaurant POS for a call center panel to take your calls.

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